Posted by Keith Harris on Oct 28, 2022

InteractCafe rejuv

Only two left.  Interactors, Rotarians and Faculty members around the district are engaging in a series of workshops -  InteractCafes.  There is a saying in business:  Success leaves clues. It means that success isn't accidental, in business, in Rotary, in life.
Visit one of the remaining Cafes — let them know how much they matter to us!  All InteractCafes start at 6 and end at 7:30.
  • Lynnfield HS - Nov 2
  • Marblehead - Nov 3
It's no coincidence that the Interact clubs that participated in the Cafes in 2019 remained strong, vibrant and active through the pandemic.  
There is another saying. A house that can withstand a hurricane is indistinguishable from one that can't -- until after the hurricane.  Our Interact houses have been through the toughest hurricane they've faced since the program began in 1962! 
Now they need our help rebuilding. This program is the foundational rebar of ALL of our youth programming. This series of workshops is our way of supporting them.  It is easy to say that our kids are too busy, and so are we. It is indeed true.  But Rotarians don't rest on excuses.  We never have. Rotary was built on the shoulders of people who addressed the needs in their communities.
These young people need our help. What can you do you join the effort?  Can you attend? Join in the fun? Offer input and enjoy their energy and leadership?
A fresh idea, a new approach. See what all the talk is about!  Meet other Interact members. Network, share challenges, ask questions, get answers! Free food while you have fun! Student-led table topics like:
How to energize your club with vibrant DNA
Summer leadership camping trip...WHAT?
How can we network to get a head start on our career?
International project...what is KIVA, and how do we get involved?
    This event is designed to give your club a shot in the arm for THIS year, so it will not be repeated in the spring. 
    To register, email or call 978-807-7334
    Please let us know if any dietary restrictions when you register. Click on the image or the following link to download a PDF version of the flyer.