Retrieving my Login Name & Password
Posted by Ron (ClubRunner Support) on 04 April 2014 03:01 PM

Retrieving your Login Name and Password for:

  • First Time Users
  • Forgot your existing Login Name and Password


1. Go to the Club or District website and click on the (Login link - V2)(Member Login - V3) found in the top right corner.

2. Next click on the: New and existing users: retrieve login and/or reset password (link)

3. For Club Sites: Enter your Last Name & Email Address (that is associated with the ClubRunner Account).

    For District Sites: Select your Club, Enter your Last Name & Email Address (that is associated with the ClubRunner Account). 

Then click on the Submit button. If successful you should see a message stating: Your member profile was successfully located. An email has been sent to your address above with instructions on retrieving your login name and resetting your password.

4. Open the email that was sent and click on the Reset Password Link. This will open a new tab or window taking you to the Reset Password Page.Please note that Section 1 contains the Login Name!

5. In Section 2 enter a new password. Then confirm the new password. Click the Submit button when complete. You should then see a message stating: Your password has been successfully reset. Click on the Return button to go to the Login page.

6. Click on the Return button to go back to the Login Page of the site. Now enter your login information.


NOTE: For more detailed instructions and screenshots please download the attached PDF version.

Log In Help Document