Posted by David Gardner on May 11, 2018
Make Positive Impact
Through Caring Service
Powered by You! 
The 2018 Rotary Summit at Mount Washington brought together over 625 Rotarians from five Rotary Districts covering New England and Quebec over the May 4-6th weekend. Our theme for the Summit was
Make Positive Impact Through Caring Service Powered by You!  This was a unique opportunity combining a stellar venue, inspirational speakers, informative breakout sessions,  a food packaging project, youth programming, delicious food, stellar entertainment and absolutely amazing fellowship.
Essentially this is what we do every day. But how can we make a bigger difference? How do we Finish Strong? Whether you attended the Summit or not, there is a message that has been resounding throughout our district and beyond all year. If we collaborate with our members, our community, other clubs and districts, our community and others who share our commitment, we can and will accomplish so much more. As we approach the final goal of polio eradication, we know that when Rotary commits to a goal, even with obstacles that would deter others, we will prevail. How will you find and act on your passion, reap the personal rewards of Doing Good in the World and bring health and happiness to those around you, locally or globally.
Our keynotes included Rotary International President Ian Riseley, Shirley-Pat Chamberlain, Travis Roy, Razia Jan and the RI Representative Karen Wentz. Each of them called us to be People of Action, each in their own way. Most notably, Travis Roy reminded us that life always puts obstacles in front of us, making it more difficult to accomplish our goals, but we must be fully committed and push through if we want to be successful. His life experience is a clear indication that we must persevere if we truly want to Make a Difference. Throughout the weekend there was inspiration everywhere, from the dialog at meals, to the breakouts that explored some serious issues like the opioid crisis, human trafficking, hunger and so much more. A quick walk through the House of Friendship provided over 40 opportunities to learn more about or to join a cause that matches your passion.
What will you do today to maximize the ability to Join Leaders • Exchange Ideas • Take Action? It is within this commitment that we will all be able to fulfill this year's theme of Making a Difference and to transition to next year's theme of Be the Inspiration!