Posted by Buck Weaver on Jan 16, 2024
The Swampscott Rotary Club has been delivering Holiday Fruit baskets for over 40 years. These go to Swampscott and Nahant Senior Centers, Town Departments, senior citizens, widows and widowers and others who may be ill or need extra support.
Over the last several years we average about 80 baskets delivered each year.
Every year we receive numerous thank you notes and cards, but none more interesting (or impressive) as the attached thank you from Nahant resident, Calantha Sears, age 102! 
December 20, 2023
To Dr. Weaver and Members of the Swampscott Rotary Club,
Your thoughtful and very welcome gift of a handsome cornucopia of fresh fruit was delivered to my apartment last week.  The contents were as delicious as its appearance and were consumed with enjoyment and with a good deal of assistance from family members. 
Thank you very much.
I read with interest on media all the community projects your Club sponsors.  Wonderful -- Keep on keeping on says this Admirer from across the Bay.
Calantha Sears (102 yr 9 weeks plus 1 day + Enjoying every day!)