Posted by Alexander Falk on Feb 13, 2023
In the wake of our recent successful World Peace & Understanding Event, we are excited to announce a new DG District Grant to fund at least one, but possibly even two full production runs of 1,000 TutuDesks each. In the district grant spending plan that we just submitted to The Rotary Foundation, we've allocated a total amount of $10,000 for matching club donations to the TutuDesk Campaign.
All the funds already collected via the webinar registration as well as via the separate online donation link will be counted as club contributions and will be matched 1:1 with DDF (District Designated Funds).
In addition, we are asking Rotary Clubs that have already collected monies for TutuDesks to inform DG Alexander Falk and DRFC Joan Arsenault about the amounts you have raised, and to send those funds via check to District Treasurer Arthur Schwartz. For those clubs that have not yet decided to make a contribution: you can still get onboard and participate. Please make sure you inform us about the funds raised and send your contribution check no later than March 15th.
We are very excited to hear from you and hope that by using this DDF match we can make a huge positive impact on the lives of many children in sub-Saharan Africa!