Posted by Sarah Furie on Oct 21, 2022
During the last few years Boston Rotaract has had many different meeting spaces, though usually we have rented an office space or a conference room. We meet on Monday nights, twice a month, pretty regularly, but without having a meeting space to call our own recently, we have had to meet in restaurants/bars, which of course is loud and has no privacy. We are a small, mighty team as of now, since losing a few members during the pandemic due to students graduating and moving out of Boston, or young professionals shifting jobs and states. While we are back up and running, we are looking for a new meeting space. As an organization that mostly does in-person volunteering, and less fundraising, we don't have too much in the budget to spend on a space.
If you know of anyone who is available to host us, please let District Rotaract Chair, Sarah Furie at, know so we can talk about an arrangement.