Posted by Satya Mitra on Jun 15, 2021
As you know while the Corona crisis in the US is getting under control and life is getting back to old norm, situation in India is getting worse and currently it is absolutely devastating!  The suffering and pain of people are beyond imagination. They are fighting for life with a huge need of Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Generators, Vaccines and many other essential medical supplies.
JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES and Boston Rotary #7 have taken the initiative to help hospitals in India to purchase life saving items such as: 

Oxygen concentrators, Ventilators, installation of oxygen generators and other essential medical supplies. 
There are so many people who are gasping for air and battling to survive. JOYGURU has already sent $50,000.00 to one hospital in Calcutta. There are two other hospitals who have requested help. 
We would like bring awareness of the situation to District 7930 and to possibly join us and serve humanity.
We appreciate your support! You can get more info at: or by calling 508-641-8441or email