D7930 Fall Forum Recording on YouTube
Please enjoy an introductory talk by Connor Lapresi, Area Director and Club President of The Last Word Toastmasters International in Burlington, MA, as well as two breakout sessions on Membership and Transitioning during the Pandemic. (click read more to skip to a specific point in video)
If you do not have time to watch the entire Fall Forum, you can directly jump to particular points in the video using these links:
00:00:00 Introduction by District Governor Betsy Manzelli
00:01:32 Toastmasters Presentation by Connor Lapresi
00:32:28 Breakout Session 1: District Retain & Gain Membership Plan
01:06:55 Breakout Session 2: Transitioning During a Pandemic
01:44:10 Closing Remarks by District Governor Betsy Manzelli