Posted by Lori Becker on Jan 06, 2023
Are you looking for an interesting speaker?  Reach out to one of 7930’s Inbound Global Scholars today! 
Did you know that we have five Inbound Global Scholars in our District?
We do! They are ready to come to your club to talk about their experiences and lives at home and abroad! Our scholars are here on Global Grant Scholarships which are funded by The Rotary Foundation. 
Which colleges are the scholars attending?
Our current group is enrolled in graduate programs at Harvard Law School, Tufts University, Fletcher School at Tufts and Harvard Medical School. 
What are they studying? 
Their areas of expertise are really interesting and include International Relations, European Law, Refugee Integration and Global Governance and The Impact of Environmental Factors on Women’s and Men’s Health.
Which clubs are currently sponsoring?
Cambridge, Ipswich, Somerville and Peabody
What do sponsors do?
Each scholar is sponsored by a Rotarian in a local club who helps them navigate their trip to the U.S. and helps them get settled when they arrive. Scholars live on their own, sometimes on campus, and build relationships with their host families during their stay. 
We have brought this year’s group together with the help of Lori Becker, AG from Burlington and a member of the Foundation Committee, who is helping facilitate speaking engagements and the scholars’ participation in District events.
Please contact Lori Becker with questions and see District 7930’s Inbound Scholars page for more information about each scholar along with their contact information.