Posted by David Hart on Jan 04, 2023
The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee is hosting a discussion on Unconscious Bias A/K/A Implicit Bias.
Wednesday January 18, 2023
7:00PM – 8:30PM
On Zoom
Topic Expert: Lt. Glen Mills, Burlington Police Department
The presentation will be about Unconscious Bias, also known as Implicit Bias. Implicit Bias is a bias or prejudice that is present but not consciously held or recognized. All people have biases and some of these subconscious biases can go against what we consciously believe in. These implicit biases can influence our decision making and can lead to assumptions that are inaccurate or unfair, or to make decisions that are wrong. This presentation will include an explanation of what implicit bias is, what research on the topic suggests, identifying one's own biases and strategies to avoid bias-based decision making.