Posted by Joan Arsenault on Nov 12, 2022
DG Alexander Falk in conjunction with the District Managed Grant (DMG) Foundation Committee have approved the start of Phase 2 of the District Grants submissions with the new deadline being December 31st!
While we have received wonderful grant applications in Phase 1 by the original October 31 deadline, these grants have not yet exhausted the available District Designated Funds (DDF) for district grants, and so we are inviting clubs to submit more grant applications between now and the end of the calendar year.
We unfortunately had to reject some grant applications from Phase 1, because of incomplete applications where additional data was not provided even after multiple email requests. If your grant was rejected in Phase 1, please feel free to reapply in Phase 2, but please make sure to submit a complete grant application. You have to fill out all the tabs in the grant application - especially the Details, Application, Budget, and Documents tabs! If your application was rejected, then it was likely because you did not fill out all the required information…
For this Phase 2 of grant applications, the rules are that you can submit for a second local grant for your club, even if you already had a previous grant approved in Phase 1. 
As a reminder, district managed grant can either be international grants (up to $10,000 for the grant with $5,000 reimbursed) or local grants (up to $6,000 for the grant with $3,000 reimbursed). Please note that district managed grants have minimums of $1,500 for local projects and $2,500 for international projects!
Grants will again be approved on a first come first serve basis so get your applications in soon.
Want more information? Contact DRFC Joan Arsenault or District Grants Chair Martha Holden. We would be happy to help you in this process.