Posted on Mar 04, 2018
RYLA is truly a life changing event for students – your club can be the agent of that change!  Imagine providing that kind of opportunity for up to 5 students in your community!  
Registration is now open for the 2018 District 7930 RYLA weekend.  Download materials here.

RYLA is a weekend of leadership development for high school students who have begun to exhibit leadership skills and want to take them to the next level. While the overall program is run by Rotary District 7930, each activity is carefully planned and facilitated by returning Seniors from prior RYLA years.
RYLA has been held at Camp Rotary since the very beginning!  Due to construction at Camp Rotary, RYLA this year will be held at Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH.  This is a big change!  It means additional expense for the Camp itself, but it will also require transportation (buses for almost 90 people).  The cost to clubs this year is $325 and an application fee of $25. The application fee is to be paid by the student and will be returned if they are not selected to attend RYLA. If there is financial need, Clubs can elect to cover the Application Fee or utilize the limited number of scholarships available from District 7930 (please contact RYLA Chair Christina Harris for scholarship information, if needed).  While the cost has increased this year, it is still less than RYLA programs in all surrounding Districts.

Here’s what students will experience at our RYLA weekend…
•    Explore and practice new concepts of leadership and citizenship
•    Present opportunities to express ideas and concepts in a safe and open environment, with an emphasis on processing differences of opinion in a healthy manner
•    Discover creative approaches for resolving family, social and professional conflicts
•    Experience the joy and the value of learning teamwork to get an advantage for the future
•    Provide an opportunity for RYLArians to make new friends without the usual cliques
•    Challenge participants to “Return to Serve” their communities
Registration is now open for the 2018 District 7930 RYLA weekend.  Download materials here. For more information, contact RYLA Chair Christina Harris.