Posted by Nick Shea on Jul 09, 2021
The Greater Salem NH Rotary Club committed to a multi-year program to support dental care through the Children’s Dental Network.
According to Dianne Powers, Program Director of the Children’s Dental Network, the program provided care to 142 Salem, NH students in Pre-K through Grade 12 towards the end of last year.
The program’s success is a result of the tremendous support provided by Dr. Michael Delahanty, Salem NH school superintendent. It should be noted that Dr. Delahanty is a also a member of the Greater Salem, NH Rotary Club.
The program enhanced its infection control protocols to operate safely.  It is estimated that the value of services, not including the network's education piece was $45,458.52.   
This effort covers 8 schools in Salem. In addition to the Greater Salem Rotary Club it is supported by other local community groups. In addition, the program is highly grateful for the dentists and their staffs who donate their time and expertise to this important health effort.
The Children’s Dental Network has functioned for 13 years. It provides dental care to children who don’t have access to dental coverage.
Services provided include:
Dental Screening
Guided toothbrush instruction
Dental Cleanings and Fluoride Treatment– 142
Preventative Dental Sealants - 457
Temporary Fillings -17
Silver diamine fluoride (stops cavity progression)-  36
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Individualized reports for parents and guardians – 142 with 34 receiving notification for additional treatment and offers of assistance if needed.
Its support of the Children’s Dental Network is the most recent example of The Greater Salem Rotary’s support of health and well-being. In the past the Club has sponsored members Maria Bertolone and Nick Shea to join Rotaplast missions in the Philippines.