Posted by Tim Kelley on Jun 04, 2023
Question:  Why should we care about using the "new" Rotary logo?  
Answer: Some brands are recognized around the world just by their logos.  When people see the logo, they instantly know what it means and what to expect. That visual recognition comes from years of using a logo widely and consistently.
Rotary also benefits from having a strong, recognizable brand that is legally protected.  District and clubs are allowed to use the Rotary logo when you add your own identifier with no additional imagery.  Additionally, when people see our logos in print, online, or on social media, they should immediately recognize them both as representing Rotary and as symbols of an organization that takes action to make the world better.
You can strengthen Rotary not just in your community but all over the world by using our logos correctly and consistently.  This reinforces to the public who we are and what we do.
Furthermore, based on a membership study that ran across Zones 28 and 32, clubs with a membership growth culture have a strong public image and are well known in their communities. Having a consistent brand helps contribute to membership growth.
Brand Center is the place to go to create brand-compliant district and club logos. Many in the Rotary world still use outdated, old logos.  The "new" logo has been around since 2013 -- 10 years ago!  Please replace your old banners, your old signs, your old flags, your old brochures and so on, and start using the official logo for your district and club.  
The Learning Center has frequent updates to courses. If you complete a course that later shows that you are still in progress, that's likely due to new updates.  The Learning Center is very easy to find. Just go to the MyRotary homepage and log in with your Rotary account. Then click on Learning & Reference on the top menu bar and select the Learning Center menu item.
If you have any questions about using the Rotary branding and logos, please contact the Public Image Committee.