The Downtown Boston Rotary Club is kicking off the new Rotary year working on an international grant that will benefit up to 15,000 women and girls, and would love your support!
By partnering with Rotary clubs in Ghana and around the world, as well as experts in the field and several non-profit organizations, DBRC is working to address menstrual health management in rural Ghana, which affects women and girls who lack access to sanitary products, as well as hygienic, safe spaces in which to use them. Menstruation causes 1 in 10 young women to miss school, some dropping out altogether. Affected individuals may also face increased risk of disease and/or social stigma. Access to safe and affordable menstrual health management resources for young women in Africa is crucial for their long-term health and economic empowerment.
By providing up to 15,000 menstrual cups to at-risk women and girls, this project will help to keep girls in school, reduce the risk of disease, and offer a reusable, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for menstruation management. Education efforts that will accompany the distribution of the menstrual cups has been shown by previous studies to increase the adoption rates from 20% to 93%. The project itself also creates jobs in the local communities where it will be carried out, and serves as a pilot for expansion across other areas.
The fundraising efforts are well underway, and we need your help! As a result of COVID-19, vulnerable women and girls are at higher risk than ever before. If your club is willing to pledge a financial contribution to these efforts, you could help us reach our fundraising goal and increase the amount of cups we are ultimately able to provide. Visit our Matching Grants page to learn more, and pledge your support today!