Posted by Joan Kelly Arsenault on Sep 08, 2022
Save the Ipswich River & Watershed: The Lifeblood of Our Communities Global Grant has been approved by RI. It couldn't have come at a better time. The Ipswich River is rated one of the top 10 endangered rivers in the US. Currently the river is facing its worst drought ever. “To be blunt, the river is dead,” said Wayne Castonguay, executive director at the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA). As of Aug. 30, the river plummeted through all previous drought records when it reached zero flow. Last week, the U.S. Geological Survey recorded a mere trickle at 0.07 cubic feet per second. “Basically at zero,” Castonguay said.
The $38,624.00 grant will provide training, networking, and resources to stakeholders, e.g., Water Boards, Water Commissioners, and the like in the Ipswich River Watershed and to communities throughout the District7930 including Youth Activist groups. Intention is to engage North Shore’s leading influencers and advocates to educate, mobilize and activate the community leaders and the general public to effectuate societal level change necessary to significantly reduce water use throughout the region. We will be working closely with Ipswich River Watershed Association for this grant to save our river.
The grant was funded by our club & numerous clubs in the district and Bath Maine Rotary. Our international host Ipswich East, England contributed $1000.00 and was instrumental in raising the 15% international funds. In addition, our District committed $10,000 in DDF, D1080 (England) committed $4000 in DDF and our neighbors to the north D7780 committed $1000 in DDF. DDF monies are matched 80% by RI world fund, which was an additional $12,000 for our grant. Thank you to all who contributed to make this happen.

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