Posted by Ray Bastarache on Jul 10, 2019
The Rotary Club of Lynn’s Scholarship Committee reviewed a record number of application packets this spring from graduating seniors before awarding four Thomas P. Maloney & Robert A. Hastings Memorial Scholarships at its luncheon meeting Thursday at Old Tyme Family Cuisine.
“This is my fifth year on the scholarship committee,” said chairman Ray Bastarache,”and I know I can speak for the entire committee when I say this was the most stellar group of applicants that we’ve had. Perhaps we share that opinion every year but truth be told, this class was, in one word, exceptional!”
Bastarache explained how the committee members create their own scoring rubric and rate each student independently before the team convenes and seeks a consensus. “For the first time that I can remember,” he said, “all four committee members had the same four names at the top of their lists."

Receiving the prestigious Maloney & Hastings Scholarships were Andy Nhiv, Lynn English, David Barrios, Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, Stephen Ong, Lynn Classical and Amari Gaston, also from Lynn Voc. Tech.

“These wonderful young men’s portfolios contained the whole package,” beamed Bastarache. “Exemplary academics and incredible community service. They were all leaders in their respective schools, captain of sports teams, class and club officers as well as mentors to their fellow classmates.”

Bastarache went on to admit that all the application evaluators put significant emphasis on the students' personal narratives. “Often times that’s what sets the students apart,” he said.
Members of Lynn’s Scholarship committee were Dick Ruth, Joyce Elliott and Jeff Weeden along with Bastarache.