Posted by William Reilly on Jan 16, 2024
On January 10, 2024, the Rotary Club of Lynn continued with its tradition of distributing dictionaries to 3rd graders in the 18 public elementary schools in Lynn. Since 2008, the Rotary Club of Lynn has presented over 1,200 dictionaries annually to third-grade students in the Lynn Public Schools. This year marks the 15th consecutive year of this service project for the club and a distribution of over 19,000 dictionaries since its inception! 
The Reading Cooperative Bank continued with its financial support of this project by funding the purchase of the dictionaries. Additionally, the bank supported the project by providing the assistance of at least 11 staff members to aid in the distribution.
In addition to the bank assisting the Lynn School District had 15 volunteers to assist in the distribution. The Superintendent, Evonne Alvares, the Deputy Superintendent Debra Ruggiero were among the staff members who contributed their time.
Pictured here with Lynn 3rd graders are Rotarian Ray Bastarache, Lynn School District, Tina Hooufnagiel, and Reading Cooperative Bank's Tess Cunha and Maria Santa.