Posted by David Gardner on Apr 15, 2018
If winter never ends, how can we believe that it is spring. Well it is, and time is running out to apply for one of three types of mini-grants: membership, public image and addiction prevention. We have extended the deadline to file these applications until April 30, 2018.
Previous mini-grants were aimed at increasing membership but this series is intended to increase the engagement of new members and to help them pursue their Rotary dream. These matching fund grants will be the perfect follow up to our recent Welcome Party where more than 50 new and prospective members learned about Rotary in an exciting fashion. The requirements are that a new member (joined after 7/1/16) must be the chair of the project and they must recruit another new or existing member to implement the project. In-meeting projects are encouraged. Download the Membership Mini-Grant here!
Public Image
Consider applying for a Public Image Mini-Grant if you need updated brochures, flyers, banners or signs, a direct mail campaign, promotional products, social media campaign or advertising. Current Rotary branding guidelines must be used and you must track the impact when applicable. Be sure to have a call to action and try to expand the message to provide a secondary message. For example, if you are advertising an event, also extend an invitation to attend an upcoming meeting as a guest. Don't miss out on these matching funds to promote your critical spring and early summer events! Download the Public Image Mini-Grant here!
Addiction Prevention
Through the Lahey Health sponsorship of the World Peace and Understanding Showcase and Dinner, we have ten matching $250 mini-grants that clubs can use to provide addiction prevention education, a special speaker at a public event, Narcan training, and so many more options. It is critical that this is a public event as the goal is to decrease the stigma associated with addiction and to prepare the communities we serve for the global grant being planned for clubs in New England. Download the Addiction Prevention Mini-Grant here!