Posted by Peter Majane on Jul 03, 2024
Rotary Showcase, our service project management platform, is undergoing a major upgrade that will enhance your ability to track service projects and yearly service goals.   
In the coming weeks, Rotary Showcase will be retired, making way for the Service Project Center (SPC), a dynamic and feature-rich hub for all service projects. You’ll find better tools to manage your projects, improved speed, and streamlined processes with the new platform. 
Below are the key updates and the actions you should take before 30 June:
1. Platform Update: 
• Our current platform, known as Showcase, will undergo a significant update.
• It will be replaced with a new platform called the Service Project Center.
• To ensure a smooth transition, update service projects in Showcase before 30 June.
2. Key Steps:  
• Log in to Showcase.
• Review your project details accessed through My Club Projects.
• Add your service projects or update any necessary information to existing projects (e.g., project descriptions, end dates, milestones, partners, project contacts).
• Ensure that your project status accurately reflects its current state.
These steps are crucial for several reasons:  
• Goal achievement tracking: Projects logged in Showcase will contribute to your 2023-24 service project goal achievement in Rotary Club Central (based on the project end date).
• Data migration: Service project information from projects in Showcase will automatically be transferred to the new Service Project Center platform.
• Readiness for conversion: By updating your projects, you’ll be prepared for the transition to the Service Project Center.
Post-Conversion Verification:  
• After the conversion, we encourage you to log into the new Service Project Center.
• Verify that all your project details have been accurately transferred.
• If you encounter any discrepancies or issues, please promptly notify the Rotary Support Center ( or use the Contact Us form and select “Projects” from the subject drop down menu).
Rotaract members are encouraged to add and update their service stories in Service Project Center though Rotaract clubs do not yet have goals in Rotary Club Central. 
Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a seamless transition. We appreciate your commitment to service and look forward to providing you with an improved platform. For additional information, please visit the Learn More page on Showcase.  
Yours in service, 
Rotary Service Project Center Team