Posted by Christina Harris on Mar 10, 2019
Registration is now open for District 7930 RYLA 2019, which will be the weekend of May 10-12.  For information about how your club can support high school students in your community, visit the District RYLA page or contact RYLA Chair Christina Harris. 
"Community means people rallying around each other and celebrating a shared trait. This trait can be as contentious as being pro-abortion, as rooted as Judaism, as tribal as being Armenian, or as simple as believing pineapple belongs on pizza. The best part  of being in a community is that no bond is trivial; any similarity can make you feel a little more connected and a little less alone. At RYLA, I found myself immediately embraced in an incredibly strong, tight-knit, and welcoming community; one I hope to share  with as many people as possible. While I was excited to find my people at the retreat, I was eager to start fresh, take risks, and step outside my comfort zone. In the 2 day span of the RYLA retreat, I met my best friend, Nyley Moise, and even after all this time we remain very close friends. The staff were kind and easygoing, and the counselorswere inspiring and fun to be around. I can confidently say that RYLA has made me a more proactive, confident, and ambitious leader." --Marina G, RYLA participant 2018