Posted by Christina Harris on May 11, 2021
We are so excited to announce the plan that is underway for RYLA 2021! This year, instead of inviting new participants, we will be focused on our RYLA Alumni (initially from the past 3 years) inviting them to participate in additional leadership training (and lots of fun!) with our RYLA Reunion 2021!

The Reunion will start off with an on-line leadership training session on July 25th. This session will focus on Resilient and Adaptive Leadership and will be led by Tisha - a superstar RYLA presenter from our 2019 RYLA!

Next, we will hold a full day, in-person RYLA on July 31st. While in true RYLA fashion, we are keeping the full details of the day a secret. . . we can tell you that it will involve lots of outdoor, safe activities along with a presentation by Katie Spotz - a super amazing young lady who is sure to inspire our RYLA Alumni. Check out her video at:! If you are still connected with any RYLArians from the past 3 years, please reach out to make sure they know about the events. We have posted on our RYLA Facebook Groups (or GroupMe depending on the year), and Instagram. We will also be doing a mailing to make sure everyone knows about the Reunion!

On the RYLA team, we frequently talk about outcomes - what is it that we are hoping to achieve with whatever it is we are doing. . . so I thought it would be helpful to share our thoughts:

We want the kids to just have fun. They have missed out on a lot through COVID, so we want to create a special time for them to have fun.
- We would like to inspire them to continue their leadership training as leadership is a life-long journey - not a destination.
- We want to reconnect the kids to Rotary (and Rotaract) in the hopes that they will continue in a life of service.
- We want to reconnect them with RYLA as we will need help with RYLA 2022 as many of our student leaders may not be available.
- We are hopeful that this will be the start of an on-going RYLA Alumni Group.

We believe that the program we are planning will help us achieve all of our outcomes and we are so grateful for your support!

We will be charging the kids a small fee to participate. If you or your club has any funds that you would like to donate toward this event, please contact me. Please just let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I can be reached at or 978.270.6706.

Wishing you all the very best. Thank you for all you do.

Christina & the entire RYLA Team