Posted by Carolyn Shapiro on Jan 26, 2024
Greetings everyone!  Salem Rotarians will participate in the upcoming "Frozen Flamingo Frolic" - an icy plunge into our cold Salem ocean waters! One of Rotary's primary initiatives is a commitment to ending Polio in the world.  Our local Frolic is Salem Rotary's contribution to this effort with Plunge proceeds going to this important worldwide initiative.  Note that Salem Harbor Master has advised us to change the original location due to the tide.
When:       Saturday, January 27 at 10 AM*
NEW LOCATION: Winter Island Boat Ramp
*Frozen Flamingo swimmers please arrive by 9:45*
Contact:    Carolyn Shapiro
Come by to cheer our plungers on, plunge yourself or simply donate to the cause. To donate online, click here on the donate button on our website and select “Polar Plunge.” Direct donation link here.
Frolic-er guidance from the Harbor Master:
  • Wear water shoes of some kind to protect your feet from rocks, debris, etc.
  • The area has been icy, so take your time getting down the ramp.
  • No jumping off the dock or surrounding area; You must enter from the boat ramp.
  • Be advised that health issues from plunging can occur well after you get out of the water as your blood tries to warm your extremities.  If you feel off 15 – 20 minutes after you get out of the water, get checked out to make sure nothing serious is occurring.