Posted by Keith Harris on Nov 04, 2019
The first InteractCafe in Winchester was a big hit!  The idea was simple: take motivated teens and Rotarians, bring them together, allow them to mingle and exchange ideas, and send them home with everything they need to make their clubs even stronger!  It was so much fun to watch everyone meet and share with their counterparts from other clubs - everyone was so energized!  
We are holding a second InteractCafe on Thursday, November 14, 2019, from 6:00pm to 7:45pm, at Ipswich High School. For information or to register, contact
What does this have to do with your role as RYLA Coordinator you might ask!  Good question. . . there is such great synergy among all of our youth programs that we want to bring everyone together to share ideas and enthusiasm!  We will have a table for RYLA Coordinators to share ideas about marketing, organization, funding, etc..  As added incentive we will be showing the new RYLA promo video - it is amazing!
We want everyone – adults and kids alike – to leave InteractCafe with a renewed energy and vision for our Youth Programs!  Some marketing materials for RYLA 2020 (May 8-10 at Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH) will be available at this meeting!  Wait until you see the new video!