Posted on Jan 07, 2019
"RYLA was one of the most unforgettable weekends of the year. I learned so many new things about myself and how to be a leader during that weekend. I made new friends and made memories to last a lifetime. We worked on problem solving and team building with through obstacle courses and games. These are skills that can help us greatly in the real world. 
As of right now, I am so excited to be returning to RYLA as a senior facilitator. We have only had one meeting but the group has already bonded in so many ways. I can already tell that the Rotarians chose a group of responsible and dedicated kids. RYLA is a community, and I look forward to the leadership we can provide this year. I’m already counting down the days until this year’s RYLA!"
Lydia (attended RYLA 2018)
District 7930 RYLA 2019 will be the weekend of May 10-12.  For information about how your club can support high school students in your community, visit the District RYLA page or contact RYLA Chair Christina Harris.