Posted by Christina Harris on Jan 11, 2019
Although I had considered myself to be a very open-minded individual before attending RYLA, I can say with absolute certainty that taking part in such an amazing camp has given me an entirely new appreciation for the unique experiences, struggles, and viewpoints of others. During the span of just a few days, the many team-building activities we had done allowed me to reflect on how similar my fellow campers and I were in our personal goals for RYLA, and how the attributes that did differentiate us helped us to compensate for each other's weaknesses and achieve tremendous success through working collaboratively.
As I grew closer with my family of rylarians, senior facilitators, and rotarians, I came to understand the true importance of leadership and kindness, and how being a part of a tight-knit community is easy once you find the courage to make yourself vulnerable and speak genuinely with those around you. Looking back, I am incredibly thankful that I chose to venture outside of my comfort zone by attending RYLA, rather than skipping out on what I now know to be a truly life-changing experience. Taking part in this camp has not only improved my confidence and leadership abilities by leaps and bounds, but has allowed me to form unbreakable bonds with countless others who also wish to make a positive difference in both the world and themselves.
Sophia attended RYLA and returned as a student facilitator.
District 7930 RYLA 2019 will be the weekend of May 10-12.  For information about how your club can support high school students in your community, visit the District RYLA page or contact RYLA Chair Christina Harris.