Like all of you, I've been home for over a month watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold and feeling like I should be doing more! I'm healthy, I have food on the table, and I'm able to stay home. Not everyone can say that! And then our district had this awful virus hit us personally with the death of Beverly Rotarian, Don Kelly.  Don was club president when I served as governor (2007-08).  He was a great club president, and even better Rotarian, a better yet community supporter. What a loss …. Just like all the others who’ve died because of this virus.
So, here's what I've come up with .... JULIA'S COVID-19 CHALLENGE.  Many of you have already given, thank you!  For those of you who haven’t … here’s your chance.
I'm challenging a 200 of my friends and friends of Rotary in District 7930 to donate $25 to Rotary's Disaster Response Fund. One-thousand donations (Rotarians and non-Rotarians) will result in one COVID-19 Disaster Response grant ($25,000) being funded for a Rotary district somewhere in the Rotary world. I have almost 4,000 followers on Facebook and 150 of them have already given.  We have almost 2,000 members in District 7930 and I hope that I can count on at least 10% (200) of you  to rise to the challenge.  If you’ve already given, thank you again!
I hope I can count on 200 of my friends in District 7930 to step up and donate. Let me know when you donate (email, PM, or on my FB timeline) so I can keep track of how we're doing.
Thank you and let's make a difference!
Julia D. Phelps, Ed.D.
Trustee, The Rotary Foundation, 2017 - 2020
Director, Rotary International, 2014 - 2016