Posted by Keith Harris on Nov 02, 2023
The District Interact Council is pleased to invite you to join us for one of our exciting InteractCafes this fall. Student run, these great events are designed to support our Interact clubs and educate Rotarians about their critical support role.  Note the location change for the 11/15 Cafe.
November's InteractCafes are.
Ipswich HS - Nov. 1
Andover HS - Nov. 8
Wilmington HS - Nov. 15 (note location change)
The updated dates and locations are also on the flyer downloadable here.  There is one in each region of the District. While club presidents and Interact coordinators will be invited directly, it is also important that our District leaders have an opportunity to experience the joy of Interact firsthand. It is also a chance to lead by example - to show these young people that we do indeed believe in them and are committed to supporting them in their efforts.
We ask all clubs that sponsor Interact to join. There are 28 Interact clubs active in our District, but as we emerge from Covid, many of them can use support. There are also 3 new clubs forming. The kids have amazing leadership potential and have been working hard the past few years to make a difference in their communities. The Cafes are part celebration, part learning, and all fun. They are also spread out so that there is no Rotary or Interact club more than 2 towns away, making it possible for everyone to find a good fit.
Last year's Interact Cafes helped reignite the RYLA program this spring, and many of those RYLA participants helped to create the District Interact Council, which is now planning and coordinating the events. Our support of these programs is working - new leaders are emerging, young people with values and connections shaped by Rotary. Thank you in advance for your support!!