Posted by David Gardner on Oct 01, 2017
I am so proud of the great response from our district Rotarians with donations to the relief efforts in Texas, Alabama, and Florida. Thank you for your generosity and for the positive impact your donations will make. The most recent  devastation in Puerto and the Caribbean present another opportunity to assist our neighbors to the south. 
Here is the update to the donor advised funds.

Rotary Hurricane Relief Funds and Efforts
(Includes new information as of September 30, 2017)
Here is a summary of the three Rotary Foundation Donor-Advised Funds that will provide hurricane relief from the recent storms. 
The three donor advised funds are listed below:
Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico
Account name: Puerto Rico Recovery Fund Account #614.
Hurricane Irma: Impact on Caribbean and Florida
Hurricane Emergency Relief Fund Account #296.
Hurricane Harvey: Texas/Alabama region
Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund Account #608
Here’s how to donate to any of these three funds, which will be distributed under the direction of the Rotary districts involved in each region,
You can contribute by check or wire transfer or online with a credit card at the following link. You'll need to provide the DAF account name and number listed above. If you would like a credit card receipt, please check the address box to share your address with Rotary.
Learn how you can contribute by clicking here!
In addition, our district clubs are working on new communication channels to funnel more specific support to clubs in Southwest Florida and Puerto Rico.  We will be sharing more information on these specific efforts in the coming weeks.  Thank you for caring, and for making a difference in lives of neighbors who have been badly disrupted by these three hurricanes.
An impact report detailing the contributions from our clubs will be presented. Early indicators are that we will collectively donate over $50,000 and it may even approach $100,000. You are truly Making a Difference!