Posted by Douglas B. Mauch on Feb 15, 2021
Here it is … an opportunity to have inexpensive fun with friends and family; take part in “bigger, better and bolder service which changes lives” by helping provide for those recovering from a natural disaster while dealing with the pandemic … and, all without writing a Global Grant! 
You may have heard it on the news.  In late 2020, Providencia, Colombia was struck by Hurricane Iota, a Category 5 storm which left its residents with – among other things – an urgent need for potable water.  Members of the Rotary family are currently working to install a water treatment plant to provide a long term and sustainable source for water for every resident on the island – and they need your help! 
How can you help with this project? Come play online Bingo with Rotarians from Utah, Boston, Miami and Columbia – and invite your friends and family members at home to play – on Saturday, February 20. There will be prizes, entertainment (in English and Spanish) and fun. Each card is only $6 and your small donation will change lives for years to come. 
Use Venmo @ Chelsea Rotary Club to pay for your card(s) then mark your calendar and join your Rotary friends from the Hispano-Latino Club of Salt Lake for an evening of fun!