Posted by Amy Luckiewicz on Jan 23, 2024
They say, "One person's trash, is another's treasure." Recently, the Wakefield Rotary Club put that idiom to the test during the club's Second Chances Auction. The internal fundraiser invited members to bring gently used or unwanted items in for donation. Other members can then bid on them, generally starting with a bid of just five dollars. 
Rotarian Wendy Maguire explained, "We've all gotten something for our birthday or holiday that just isn't quite what you'd want or use. That's the stuff we wanted for the auction!" The meeting began with a reflection by Past Rotary President Jim Fitzgerald who reminded the club that Rotary is all about giving second people, to projects, and to ideas. He ended his reflection with a clip from the song "Second Chances" by Gregory Alan Isakov. 
Following the club's regular lunch, the auction kicked off with items including a gift card to a steak restaurant, Red Sox tickets, a grilling set, family movie and game night sets and more. Past Rotary President Jay Curley, who served as auctioneer, reminded the club that all funds would support current and future projects. The members responded with generous bids, raising a total of $575 through its twenty-four items and packages. The club wishes to thank its members for their item donations and their generous bids.
The Second Chances Auction isn't new to the club. Club Secretary explained, "We used to do this every year but haven't since about 2012. We thought we'd give it a go again and see how the club responds." Auction Coordinator Amy Luckiewicz recalled, "I remember doing this years ago. It always was fun and our club is really invested in blending in fun in-meeting events like this, so we thought we'd give it another go."
In considering the internal fundraiser, President Glen Duffy noted that the club strives to not hit members up for donations a lot. "This auction was meant to be more fun than a fundraiser. It replaced our 'happy bucks' for the day. We wanted to hold it during our regular meeting and not ask for more time from the members. The Board of Directors is sensitive to asking for internal donations on top of our gifts to the Rotary Foundation, polio, and other funding opportunities." He added, "The fact that we raised so much money was a surprise, but at the same time not. We know we have generous people in our group." 
At the end of the meeting, the group was polled to see if we should make the Second Chances Auction a repeat event. The answer was a unanimous and resounding, "Yes!" 
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