Posted by Sarah Furie on Sep 16, 2022
"The women of Rotary that have inspired me are compassionate, powerful do-gooders. While I can't name them all, I can talk about the very first. I met Patricia Doyle when I was 15 as an attendee of RYLA. It was a truly transformative experience with Pat at the core of the program. I was so inspired that I attended the conference as a facilitator the next two years and again as a volunteer every year since then. But Pat is so much more than RYLA. Over the past two decades, she has taught me what it means to be a leader, both in and out of Rotary. As a teacher herself, I was inspired to take up the profession with her as my role model and mentor. When she became the District Governor alongside her husband, Skip, I took note of her studious diplomacy mostly due to her ability to remember everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, she has ever met. And not only remember them, but care for them."
Kelsea Lawler, Parkway Rotary Club President
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