Posted by Sarah Furie on Sep 08, 2022
As the Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones is already proving, 'Skies are the limit' once the glass ceiling has been broken.  She is already setting the bar high and motivating all of us to think out of the box with her theme 'Imagine Rotary!' 
Pooja Singla, one of the Assistant Governors for District 7930 this year, said she cannot imagine herself in Rotary without two specific women.
"When I was promoted to be the president elect with the support of my club's members, I was really nervous if I would be able to fulfill those responsibilities that I was committing to. No one could hear my voice across the table. I was so shy of speaking.  Then I met Joan Arsenault, in March 2019.  She was going to be the DG when I was starting as President. 
"She put me under her wings and took me through beginning my Rotary journey.  She showed me the ways around.  With her unconditional support and mentoring, (literally 'hand-holding'), I started to see things differently.  My entire perspective changed how I saw the world.  With my enhanced confidence, I started to believe in 'everything is possible' and 'yes, I can'.
"Terry Rezendes Curran's leadership in the next year, made me comfortable to be continuing as an AG in Rotary District 7930.  I truly appreciate her incredible encouragement furthering my professional development.
"Looking forward, I am so proud of Sarah Furie, so authentic and inspiring, representing the next generation of empowered young women who are fearless, dedicated, elevated in a way the world hasn't seen before!
"I hope to use this amazing experience of mine to help other women in Rotary and outside in the community while I dedicate myself to support RI President Jennifer Jones in every way I can.  I enjoy being an AG as well as a part of DEI committee, and PI committee of D7930 as my learning continues in this journey."
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