Contact: Alexander Falk
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United States of America

The annual World Peace & Understanding event on February 8th has been moved to a Zoom webinar and our topic will be the TutuDesk Campaign. As I have already visited 40 out of 44 clubs in our district, the one theme from my DG visit presentation that resonated the most with Rotarians all over the district was the TutuDesk Campaign, so it seems appropriate to focus our World Peace & Understanding event on this topic. We are still working on the final speaker schedule, but we already have commitments from Charlie Milner of the Marblehead Rotary Club as well as PDG Francis Callard from South Africa.

Registration is now open for this event - please click the buttons on the left side of this screen - and even though the event is online, there is a $20 registration fee, which coincidentally is the price of one TutuDesk. Simply put, by attending the event you are providing one TutuDesk to a child in sub-Saharan Africa.