Welcome to the new Rotary District 7930 Environmental Committee

We are committed to supporting our clubs in the creation and implementation of environmental projects both in our local communities and around the globe. Our committee members have multiple years of experience in environmentalism and some of them are members of ESRAG, the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group. 
This year we are recommending two potential projects to our Rotary Clubs:

Pollinator Garden DMG Template

Are you still looking for a project for a District Managed Grant?
The Environmental Committee suggests you look into a Pollinator Garden in your Community.  We have done most of the work for you in building a template that you copy and paste into the Grant Application form.
Your club needs to do a few things.  First find a location for your garden, then get a partner to sign onto the project.  This partner needs to take care of the garden in the future and keep it watered.  Then go into the grant application form and fill it out.
The other option is how much you spend on your garden.  This should cover the cost of soil, plants, bulbs, herbs, bees or whatever you want to plant. 
To get the template, simply click on this link or look at the Files section on the left.

Pollinator Gardens Webinar Series

There is an ongoing 5 part webinar series from the Ohio State University that you might be interested in. Whether you are interested in doing a grant for a full scale garden or just looking to bring more butterflies and hummingbirds to your home garden.
The series takes place at 10 am on Fridays for the next three weeks. The first two lectures are available on the website under the “Recordings” tab at go.osu.edu/ph101. You can still register for these last three live webinars or watch the recordings on your own schedule. Register here for any/all sessions: https://go.osu.edu/registerPH101. Find readings, links and resources for each session under the Learn With Us tab.


More details to come soon...

Environmental Committee Members

The current members of the district environmental committee are:
  • Terry Curran, Chair
  • Bill Beach
  • Bill Beckman
  • Song Boon
  • Ronald Benjamin
  • Chris Davis
  • David Deutsch
  • Natascha Finnerty
  • Tom Hankard
  • Ann Witzig
You can reach the committee by emailing: environment@rotary7930.org