DG Alexander Falk, DRFC Joan Arsenault and PolioPLUS Chair Ingrid Brown are excited to announce D7930 has launched the PolioPLUS Society in our district. 
Join this new society by pledging to donate a minimum of US$100 each year until the world is certified polio free. Everyone who joins before World Polio Day, which is October 24, 2022, will be considered a charter member of D7930’s Polio Plus Society. 

Joining the Society is a 2-step process: 

1st Step, complete the PolioPlus Society Form at this link: D7930 PolioPLUS Society Sign Up Form.
2nd Step, make your donation. You can choose to donate in various ways, either by credit card online, or by check.  If you choose to donate by check, make the check out to “The Rotary Foundation” with “PolioPlus” in the memo section and submit to your club’s Foundation Chair.  If you choose a credit card, go to my.rotary.org, click on donate and choose “Polio Fund.”  (To donate online, make sure you have registered on myrotary.org for a My Rotary account for you and your club to receive proper credit.  Signing up is quick and easy). You can then:
  • Make a onetime donation of $100 (or more) with your credit card by clicking on the “One-time donation” button and choosing the appropriate amount from the boxes below.  Remember to donate again next year if you choose this option.
  • OR the other choice is what we call the easy or “painless” way to become a PolioPlus Society member by utilizing the monthly payment option.  Click the “Recurring Donation” button. For frequency choose “monthly” and for amount choose “other” and enter $10 in the “enter other amount” box.  If you wish to donate more, or quarterly or annually instead, you have those options as well. 
Rotarians who join the Society will be honored with a special pin & certificate which will be initially presented at our November Foundation Celebration and after that date at club meetings.  You also receive Paul Harris Credit and Major donor Credit. 
And remember, your donation is matched 2 to1 by the Gates Foundation.
Help Rotarians reach every last child and achieve our vision of a polio free world. Sign up today