Bid on an Atlantis Bahamas Timeshare to Benefit the Rotary Foundation

The District has been given a gift to auction off for the benefit of the Rotary Foundation. The gift is a deeded time-share for a week of your choosing between June through September at the incredible resort ATLANTIS, on Paradise Island, Bahamas. The donor, who shall remain anonymous, would like to ensure that all proceeds got to OUR Foundation.

The time-share will be auctioned off now, with the final bidding occurring at the dinner at District Conference.

Sealed bids will be accepted by your District Treasurer, Bob Wood at 11 Rainbow Ridge Way, Georgetown, MA 01833 from April 1 until April 30th. No sealed bids will be accepted after April 30thBidding will start at $5,000. The highest sealed bid will be the starting bid at dinner at District Conference.  Governor John will be the auctioneer. 


The unit is 1 ½ bedrooms just across a footbridge from Atlantis proper. Owner has all access to Atlantis amenities including meal plans, child care services, casino, all beaches and  pools etc.  The deed is Gold ownership, which is weeks 18-34 (May 1 - August 31) and weeks 47-49 (November 8 - 30). These weeks are guaranteed.  Other weeks are available on request. The Gold weeks can be used at the Harborside or any of the other 19 Starwood renowned resorts.  They can be banked for use the following year or can be deposited to the Interval International network for use in other resorts worldwide. The annual time-share fee is $1,600, which includes all insurance and taxes. There are no hidden fees.  The original purchase price was $28,000.

The owner is willing to share closing costs with the successful bidder up to $1,000. “As an owner at Harborside Resort at Atlantis, you can be secure in knowing that superior accommodations and resort amenities await wherever your dream vacation takes you. The components of the Starwood Vacation Network give you privileged access to more hotels and resorts on the Conde’ Nast Traveler Gold List than any other system.”

So bid now, bid often and remember the proceeds go to OUR Foundation’s Annual Fund.