Posted by Lori Becker on May 04, 2023
Host an Inbound Global Scholar? What does that mean?

Being a host means looking out for the scholar as they plan to come to the U.S. and while they are here. Scholars live on, or off, campus at the University that they are studying with. Scholars are graduate students coming here to further their studies to gain a Master’s or PhD here in the U.S. Some even come to the U.S. with their families!

As a host, you can help them navigate the area, connect with groups in the area and figure out how to do things while they are here like taking the bus to NY or visiting the Cape and New England. Being away from home can be tough and having a host family here for you can make a big difference.

If you'd like to host a scholar this year, please contact Anne Lewis at or Lori Becker at to be placed on our "Yes! I want to host" list.

Note: Our current scholars are being hosted by Cambridge, Ipswich, Danvers and Somerville and we'd love to place this year's group in even more clubs!