Posted by Ron Block on Sep 30, 2018
The inaugural meeting of the ElderAct Club of Lynnfield was held on September 12, 2018 at the Lynnfield Senior Center. More than 50 people participated in this event which featured speeches from District Governor Bob Wood, District ElderAct Chair Mirjana Maksimovic, Lynnfield Rotary President Ron Block, and several members of the Marblehead Harbor Rotary and the ElderAct of Marblehead Harbor/Swampscott Club (ElderAct MS). Lunch was served compliments of the Lynnfield Rotary.
The event had great support and participation from Asst. District Governor Peter Majane, Past District Governors Dr. Victor Saldanha and Dave Drislane, and Lynnfield Rotarian Bob MacKenrick. ElderAct MS members described projects they have done from simply clipping coupons for military families abroad to installing lock boxes on the homes of selected people in their community.
Following in the footsteps of ElderAct MS, Lynnfield becomes the second Community Based (as opposed to a Senior Residence Based) ElderAct in existence. Its meetings will be held at the Lynnfield Senior Center, a vibrant facility sponsoring a wide range of activities and services for the senior community. Senior Center Director Linda Naccara has been fully supportive of this project and hopes to assist in its success. Meetings will be on the First and Third Tuesday of each month at 12:15 PM.
While sponsored by the Lynnfield Rotary, ElderAct is an independent club which will elect its own officers, choose its projects and establish its priorities. ElderAct provides an opportunity for senior citizens who are unable to commit to the full requirements of active Rotary membership, to take part in, and organize different activities within their community. The mission and operation of an ElderAct club are closely linked and in harmony with the ideals of Rotary and the Rotary Code of Conduct.
ElderAct is open to anyone age 60 or over who participates at the Senior Center. Joining ElderAct is a great opportunity to make new friends while doing important projects.
For more information contact: Ron Block, President, Lynnfield Rotary, E-Mail: 201-390-5866