Posted by Amy Luckiewicz on Nov 12, 2017
The North Reading Community EarlyAct Club completed its first service project of the year with a focus on veterans who are recovering from injury. Students discussed the value of veterans in our community and their role in recognizing their service. The discussion was followed by a writing prompt asking students to each make a card for a veteran thanking them for their service and wishing he or she well. Youth Services Director Amy Luckiewicz noted, “The kids took a lot of time and effort into what they wrote. They wanted to make sure they gave thanks but also demonstrated concern for their well-being.” Students were also encouraged to ask questions, draw a picture, and share some interests. One student wrote, “Thank you veteran! I love my freedom!” Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the project was the sensitivity the students showed. The cards were delivered to Veteran Agent Susan Magner for delivery to hospital-bound veterans. The EarlyAct students would like to thank North Reading Rotarian Lisa Pappas from The Savings Bank and high school students Kylie Ford and Monika Stantcheva for their help with the project