Posted by Joan Arsenault on Apr 30, 2021
"Our Foundation is the Grease on the Axle to Make the Wheels of Rotary Turn Round" 
Dean Rohrs, Trustee of The Rotary Foundation
Annual Fund-SHARE The Annual Fund is the main funding source for Foundation programs. Your gift empowers Rotarians to carry out sustainable service projects in your community and around the world.
At the end of each year, contributions directed to Annual Fund-SHARE from all Rotary clubs in the district are divided between the World Fund and the District Designated Fund.
The Rotary Foundation uses the World Fund to support Rotary’s highest-priority grants and programs, which are available to all Rotary districts.
Our district uses the District Designated Fund to pay for Foundation, club, and district projects the clubs in choose. 

This video from Trustee of TRF Dean Rohrs explains why it is urgent that we donate to TRF Now!
As a fun evening and way to donate join our District and Rotarians from Zones 28 & 32 for a Virtual Gala & Fundraiser for our Foundation:  May 12th 8-9 with pre-gala w/ D7790 7-7:45
Join Director, Valarie Wafer, and Dean Rohrs, Trustee of The Rotary Foundation, our hosts for this 2021 virtual Gala fundraiser for The Rotary Foundation. 
Red Carpet Opening with Jennifer Jones, RI President Nominee.  
Variety show with distinguished speakers, entertainers, inspiring stories about service supported by TRF and much more!  Hall-of-Fame guitarist Alex Lifeson, lead guitarist for Rush has donated a Gibson Les Paul guitar worth MANY thousands of dollars, and he has personally signed it to express his appreciation for the work of Rotarians and our Foundation!  Go to to bid on this collector's item!   
Pre-GALA Party 7-7:45 pm (no additional cost)
Meet fellow Rotarians from D7790
Win a Maine basket ($150.00 worth of food and wine)
Win prizes for trivia. 
You will receive a separate zoom link for D7930/D7790 Pre-Party gala.
Tickets to the virtual event are available by clicking the link below (or go to  They are $110 USD plus applicable fees, of which $100 is a fully credited donation to TRF - you get a charitable tax receipt and 100 Paul Harris Fellowship points, and your club and our District gets credit towards their Foundation goals. In addition, you will receive matching points from the District up to $500.00.
Link to register: (can you put a button to click on the link?  Thanks)
Visit for more information on the May 12th Virtual Gala & Fundraiser!