Posted by David Gardner on Feb 11, 2018
How can we beautify our communities and have a positive environmental impact? President Ian Riseley's major environmental initiative is for every Rotarian to plant a tree during this Rotary year. If I were to tell you that the district would be funding this project by providing one 6-8" sapling for every member in every club, and that the club only needs to determine where they would plant the trees, would you be interested in supporting this initiative?
Our goal is to have each club recruit and support a Champion who will work with the local community, from public works to the cemetery department, the school department or any other organization that would love to add beauty, shade and a more healthy environment. There will be three options: Sugar Maples, White Dogwoods and Red Maples. The trees will arrive in early April and will need to be planted within 5-10 days of receipt. Although it will take some work to manage this project, it will enhance the community, all through the power of Rotary.
If you are interested in being a Champion at the club or district level, please email me as soon as possible at Thank you for all you do!