Posted by Marie Cardillo on Jan 19, 2022
The Salem Rotary Club is thrilled to present our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training at our Rotary meeting on January 25th. Our training will be conducted by Human in Common.  Human in Common is an innovative team of experienced diversity consultants who specialize in providing professional diversity and ethical upstander training for nonprofits, municipalities, businesses and schools.

Members of the Human in Common team who will join us include:

Deborah Cohen, M.Ed. (pronouns: she/her) is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Human In Common. She is the creator of Ethical Upstander training -- a compassionate, experiential model of teaching active bystander intervention skills. For 30 years, Deborah has worked as a social justice educator, integrating community organizing and collaborative arts projects as a vehicle for amplifying diversity, equity & inclusion. 
Robert Gordon, B.A. (pronouns: he/him) is a Diversity Specialist at Human in Common. He has a background in organizational planning, education, and multicultural recruitment. His expertise lies in bringing people together across organization levels to develop and strengthen a sense of belonging among people of color within the workplace or community. Robert collaborates with clients to identify and break down systemic barriers, increase cultural humility, and empower people from marginalized backgrounds.
Pictured here is presenter Robert Gordon.