Posted by Terry Rezendes Curran on Feb 15, 2021
District 7930 is pleased to offer all clubs a one-time mini grant starting now!!!

Starting this week the District is offering all clubs a one-time reimbursement mini grant in the amount of $200.  We are focusing on the areas of Membership, Public Image and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Just fill out the application online, and your approval will be quickly forthcoming.  

What can you do?  Replace those club flyers that you have run out of.  Make new t-shirts for your club with the correct logos from Brand Central.  Have a friendraiser, as your club starts to meet in person again later this spring, inviting them to a social to learn about Rotary.  Develop and print an orientation package for new members joining your club. Sponsor a new diverse member to your club ($200 max) who might not be able to afford your regular club dues. Host a DEI training for your club...  These are only a few examples, your imagination is the limit.