Posted by David Deutsch on Sep 20, 2021
Every week you read this newsletter learning new and wonderful things about Rotary.  Some members feel comfortable in their local group, some seek more from the district and other can’t stop until they’ve circled the globe again and again.  Regardless of the depth or the topic, Rotary International offers a remarkable amount of information.
Start by clicking log into “MyRotary,” and then click on the blue “Manage Subscriptions” button to subscribe.  Here are a list of some of our current newsletters:
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In addition to the above content, Rotary International offers videos on subjects ranging from Brand to Public Relations to How Rotary strengthens DEI.  You can learn more about our new Areas of focus and subscribe to blogs on dozens of interesting topics.
Or send a note to and I’ll help you find what you’re looking for or suggest something that you didn’t even know was there.