Posted by Bob Gravino on Mar 04, 2018
District 7930 held its World Peace and Understanding Dinner and Showcase at the DoubleTree by Hilton on Wednesday evening, February 28th. This event was organized to help educate Rotarians on the issues of addiction and to build a network of collaboration between Rotary, government and the service organizations who provide programs aimed at prevention, treatment and recovery.
This extraordinary event would not have been possible without the generous support of Lahey Health.
Over 200 attendees participated in the Showcase and Dinner, learning from the 32 Showcase exhibitors about the services they provide.  The event speakers describe the opioid epidemic; addiction preventive education; and government actions to treat addiction as both a behavioral health issue as well as a criminal act. Dr. Barry Ginsberg, from Lahey Health Behavioral Services, Heidi Heilman, CEO of Edventi, and Marian Ryan, the Middlesex County District Attorney shared their experiences and recommendations to overcome the opioid crisis. District Governor Dave Gardner announced a program by Lahey Health to fund 10 matching mini-grants to Rotary Clubs in District 7930 to implement projects in the area of addiction. He also thanked Lahey for sponsoring the Showcase and for funding complimentary tickets to the exhibitors to thank them for the great work they are doing in our communities. The appeal was made for Rotarians to offer their vocational skills to these organizations to help them fulfill their mission and to provide opportunities for service as we continue this year’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference.